-Assured Engineering Concepts

Patrick J. Ramirez, who in 2014 opened Assured Engineering Concepts, an engineering firm that specializes in design work for utility companies, is one of the best examples of the different paths life can take you. Ramirez shows us how the life of an entrepreneur is not always planned out, or set in stone.At a young age, he did not have a set plan on what he wanted to do or what career path he wanted to follow.


"I really didn't know my plans, I was not a bad student or a stellar student in high school, I didn't have a lot of focus in my teens and early 20's. I was working part time, I was in community college part time, not sure what direction to take or really sure what career path I wanted to take."


According to Ramirez, It wasn't until 1987 when he enlisted in the Air Force, that he found the pathway he wanted to follow. He states that the Air Force is what really focused him on engineering and engineering systems. There, he had a chance to see a whole new world that he was not familiar with, and it wasn't until that whole process that he decided what he really wanted to do was pursue a degree in Engineering.


Primarily, Ramirez envisioned an engineering firm where he could invite other engineers to work, but most importantly to have an active involvement in the local community, especially with students. As a result the firm actively recruits interns to learn about the process and get hands on experience in the field.


Ramirez advises any entrepreneur to have tenacity, to be impatient, and to have some kind of a plan, just don't jump into it. He also recommends for other business owners to find partners that believe in your vision, and let them help you along the way.