-Clean Scene AZ LLC
Determination and perseverance are some key qualities one needs to have in order to stay strong minded and motivated in the business world. Frances K., Arizona born and raised, is the owner of Clean Scene AZ a vivid example of how passion and perseverance play a big role in the business world.

Before starting Clean Scene AZ, Frances was the owner of a semiconductor company for 15 years, sadly like a lot of other businesses, her business got hit hard by the economy and had to declare for bankruptcy. But Frances did not quit; she had no credit, no credit cards, and no resources would work with her. She worked two jobs for a year to fund the startup cost of Clean Scene. Now four years later, her perseverance has made Clean Scene AZ a sustainable business that keeps growing and growing.

Frances was able to determine that due to the size of her business she would not qualify for any assistance from a bank. Luckily, Prestamos was able to assist her with a loan to improve the image of her business and to be able to get more equipment to expand.

- Prestamos was an angel for Clean Scene AZ, LLC they allowed us to improve our Website, Purchase a vehicle and additional Equipment needed for the business, Automotive Repairs for other vehicles, new tires, Signage for the vehicles and branding and the list goes on. All of those items were low on our list with Payroll being key, but with the additional funding we were able to get more in place to help build the stepping stones to the next level.

Frances states that she maintains her success by having a lot of passion for what she does, working hard and by having good employees. Other traits that have contributed to her success are networking, previous experience and past business knowledge. Her advice to other business owners is to don't give up even when times get hard and take risks.