-Las Vegas Iron House
Las Vegas Iron House LLC owners Lindsey and Thomas Rojas, both Las Vegas natives, have created a vast following of clientele and fan base due to their personal training success. This success is not only at a local level, but at a national level, thanks to their championship achievements in bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Lindsey was a Division 1 college athlete and is a decorated fitness competitor. She is a nationally certified personal trainer and runs a local gym as the Director of Fitness. Thomas was a High school baseball hero and was drafted by the New York Yankees where he played professionally for 7 years. He is a nationally certified personal trainer and champion heavyweight bodybuilder. Prestamos created a positive impact in their business by listening to their business plan and believing in their vision for their gym.

"They allowed us to run with it and not be held back."

Thomas says their business success is in great part thanks to their member's passion, which is what really brings other clients to their gym. "It really is a tight, but large community" says Rojas, after seeing clients come from across town and even out of state, just to work out in his gym. All of their members are product of word of mouth, since their budget is very limited for them to spend on advertising. Las Vegas Iron House is for anyone, from the average Joe to the professional athletes.

"Anyone can train in this gym, even for those who aren't serious to the point of making a career out of it or just need to do the necessities to stay healthy and tend to favor the more laid back atmosphere of a big box gym where they can blend in."

His best advice to other business owner is to take advice from anyone who is willing to offer it, but be careful with what you actually implement. What works for one person or company may not work for your specific business.

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