-B's Granite & Marble
The Becerra brothers: Amado, Jose, Arturo, and Ramiro, had a clear vision of the goals they wanted to achieve. Before owning their own business, all four brothers worked in different companies. They would work on side jobs after their daytime job. They started renting a small back area of another granite shop. They would work long hours even without the necessary tools. Fast forward nine years, and the brothers' longtime dream of owning a successful business is a reality.

When the four brothers started their business they felt the uncertainty of their success and went through numerous struggles that most first time business owners experience.

"We struggled with everything, when we started we had an idea of what we wanted to do, but we didn't have a plan of how to achieve it. We had problems with money, accounting; basically, everything. We had experience in the field, but not in the area of managing a business. During this time is when we realized that we had to start learning these skills if we wanted to survive." –Amado Becerra

One of the key factors that helped the brothers run their business was learning from the mistakes of their previous employers; which helped them better manage their employees and inventory. However, they agree that they have a long way to go, and several things to learn. They consider themselves to be very ambitious, and they hope their business will keep growing. The Becerra family is very thankful for the assistance and flexibility that Prestamos provided.

Thanks to Prestamos taking the extra time to understand their business, the brothers were able to get the necessary financing to expand.

Their recommendation for any business owner is to have a clear vision, and to know about their business: "You need to know your industry, even though you may not have all the resources, having industry experience will help you better address problems as they arise" –Arturo Becerra