-Mi Escuelita Childcare
Pilar and Carlos Calderon are two parents who believe that education and values are meant to be learned at an early age. This led them to venture into the business world where together they came up with the idea to open a childcare facility with a unique twist. This business was born with the idea and intention to share the belief of an early childhood education that would incorporate good family values. They would call this facility "Mi Escuelita Child Care," which translates into 'my little school'; however their aspirations of opening their dream childcare were not easy. During their early years in business, the couple had what they considered to be two mayor struggles with starting their business; the first one was lack of guidance and informational resources. As Pilar explains


"We started very small from home with the intention of not only to take care of kids, but to teach them important values and educate them just like we did with our kids. Starting our business was very difficult, because we didn't have any idea of how to start. We didn't know what the necessary steps or requirements were however we did not give up. We started asking around our community and social networks until we got in contact with the correct state department that was able to give us the necessary information to begin our dream."


The second major setback was the financial aspect. Pilar continues, "We didn't have any funding to start our project and the financial institutions that we attended didn't give us a positive response. Thankfully, a client of us mentioned Prestamos, and now the rest is history."


Pilar has a few recommendations to all business owners out there, she recommends any business owner to have a plan ready beforehand, and base all decisions on that plan; this will bring a clear path or idea to follow. She also recommends to not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help when help is needed, it is a big misconception to think that any business owner can do everything alone. Lastly she recommends to find something which you have passion for which she considers to be the most important point for her;


"Be involved in a business or a profession that brings you happiness, that way your time is spent in a satisfied manner never regretting your decisions." Regardless of all the obstacles and difficulties along the way, "Mi Escuelita Child Care" strived to succeed and they were able to open their doors for their new center earlier this year.