-Skin Care by Sandra
Helping others with their health and beauty preferences ahs been the passion of Sandra Haas for over 14 years. Beginning as a massage therapist in high-end spas, Sandra decided to add skincare to her skill-set in 2009. Since then, Sandra has expanded and deepened her range of expertise in a wide range of spa techniques.

In time, Ms. Haas developed a vision of opening her own spa. Of course, running a business takes a lot more than operating a business. One thing you need is money. While Sandra had a nest egg, she needed more. Banks were no help – what bank would do a start-up loan for a personal services business? But Prestamos CDFI would. So Sandra was on her way.

-"I like to be a good listener to my clients, and help them seek a place of peace and relaxation, where I hope they can walk away satisfied, and they can see the results they want and need. One of my main customer goals is to be able to create a long term relationship with them."

Some of the challenges that Hass is experiencing about being a new business owner is her limited budget and time. However, regardless of the challenges that this business owner may have, they don't slow her spirit of perseverance.

Today, with consultation and tools from Prestamos, Sandra is now maturing as an entrepreneur. Recently she has re-launched her website to give her clients a better awareness of services available.

"Thanks to Prestamos, I am more together, better prepared, and complete. There are always new goals and new things to improve on, but I like the challenges -- even though they can be very stressful sometimes. However, with all the professional help Prestamos has given me -- the marketing and administrative advice -- I feel I'm ready to take on the world now!