Nosey Dogs Detection Services is a young Nevada based company founded by Amanda Schneider to provide confidential residential, commercial, and industrial narcotic detection sweeps. Hiring a private company for these matters allows the home and business owners to have greater control of ensuring a drug-free environment, while also deciding what happens should contraband be found. (More)
Mariscos el Cochorit is proud to serve some of the freshest seafood and Mexican cuisine you can find in the valley of the sun. Founded by Vicente Sanchez Soqui, the restaurant has been family owned and operated since the beginning; with a menu based on recipes handed down through the generations. (More)
Family owned and operated AM Transmission Auto Center has provided high quality service to the Greater Phoenix community for more than a decade. This local gem is a full service auto repair shop specializing in transmissions, general repair, emissions, electrical, collision repair, and much more. (More)
Prestamos client La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop comes from both the heart of Mexico, the heart of Phoenix, and now the heart of Glendale as well! This local gem prides itself on delivering cuisine made from fresh local produce that will banish the old perception that Mexican food is heavy, greasy, or taste bud-searing. (More)
One used truck and a dream was all that father and son duo David & Brian Alphonso had when they launched Vegas Tows, LLC in April 2007. As the business grew, and after receiving their CPCN certification from the Nevada Transportation Authority, they were ready to upgrade their fleet. (More)
Aioli Gourmet Burgers and Catering is a perfect example of how friendship, community, and an excellent product can ensure the success of a local enterprise. (More)
When Eliodoro & Collene were presented with the opportunity to take over Ruby Hat Sales as owners they knew it was to good to pass up. The business has been situated in the Phoenix Marketplace off of 67th Ave. and Thomas Rd. for several years and has established clientele. They quickly realized it was time to upgrade equipment though, and thanks to a loan from Prestamos were able to purchase a new embroidery machine(More)
The Becerra brothers: Amado, Jose, Arturo, and Ramiro, had a cleared vision of the goals they wanted to achieve. Before owning their own business, all four brothers worked in different companies. They would work on side jobs after their daytime job. They started renting the small back area of another granite shop. They would work long hours even without the necessary tools. Now, fast forward nine years later, they can happily affirm that their longtime dream of owning a successful business is a reality. (More)
Pilar and Carlos Calderon are two parents who believe that education and values are meant to be learned at an early age. This led them to venture into the business world where together they came up with the idea to open a childcare facility with a unique twist. This business was born with the idea and intention to share the belief of an early childhood education that would incorporate good family values.(More)
Sandra Hass has been in the health and beauty business for over 14 years. She started out first in the massage industry working for different high end spas and then added skincare to her traits in 2009. Throughout the years she has kept her education going by obtaining different certificates and travel to a variety of yearly expos to keep up with new techniques and trends of the beauty and spa industry. Now she has been in business for over two years, and has the intentions to keep growing and succeed as an entrepreneur. (More)
Determination and perseverance are some key qualities one needs to have in order to stay strong minded and motivated in the business world. Frances K., Arizona born and raised, is the owner of Clean Scene AZ a vivid example of how passion and perseverance play a big role in the business world. (More)
This month, Abseilon USA, a rope access company specializing in the conventional fall protection industry, had the opportunity to be highlighted on the TV show Nuestra Causa. In the interview, Kenneth Piposar, founder and CEO of Abseilon USA, explained the hardships of finding financing to start his business.(More)