Matt Nosal and Lori Campbell had a dream. The couple wanted to operate a food truck here in Phoenix. Matt and Lori used Kickstarter to raise equity. Then they heard about Prestamos CDFI, the CPLC unit that makes small business loans when banks won't. (More)
What began as a two person business, providing hiking and biking tours in the Phoenix area in 1997 is now one of the largest bike rental operations in the southwest; Conducting more than 330 multi-day adventure tours annually in Arizona, California, Utah and Colorado. Arizona Outback Adventures caters to corporate and individual visitors a unique experience in local hiking, bicycling tour and team building event. (More)
Arturo Silva had the idea to venture into business thanks to his son. Originally from Somerton, Arizona, Silva saw the needs that other students like his son had, of being transported long distances to a school in a neighboring town. "My son was a student in another transportation company and I saw the demand, I took the opportunity and started off with my personal car."(More)
Alex Nevarez, current owner of Milam Glass Co., knows the hard work and sacrifices that owning a business requires. Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Nevarez came to the U.S. at the age of 15. In 1977 he started working in the residential glass industry as a residential glazer. (More)