Mariscos el Cochorit is proud to serve some of the freshest seafood and Mexican cuisine you can find in the valley of the sun. Founded by Vicente Sanchez Soqui, the restaurant has been family owned and operated since the beginning; with a menu based on recipes handed down through the generations. Sanchez began working in the restaurant industry nearly 12 years ago, yet his culinary education began as a young child in Guaymas, Mexico. He learned these traditional seafood recipes from his Mother and Grandmother (who happened to be a well-known Chef in the area), and they are now the basis for the menu currently featured at Mariscos el Cochorit. The name “El Cochorit” signifies “beach” in the Yaqui language and is also meant to represent some of the beautiful beaches of Empalme, Sonora Mexico; where Sanchez is originally from. Alongside his wife, Johana Sanchez, the family runs both the restaurant and a food truck (also named El Cochorit) and looks forward to opening a third establishment in the near future. Customers can enjoy live music or a DJ on the weekend, $1 Mini-Coronas during Happy Hour alongside a discounted menu, unique and classic seafood and Mexican dishes, and also viewing of their favorite sports teams on one of the many flat screen tv’s. Take a trip to the beach right in the heart of the desert with an escape to Mariscos el Cochorit today!

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$10,000 - $50,000

$50,000 - $250,000
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